"To be recognized as great in something, you need to have partners. Partners who tell you the truth, who help you, support you, teach you and open the door to new knowledge in terms of innovation. Vladimir and his team did it for me and my team. Many presentations and outputs from his innovation seminars I used in my daily life and daily work agenda."   

Branislav Poliak
Former R&D Senior Manager EMEA at Embraco Slovakia s.r.o., Spišská Nová Ves 

"Personally I appreciate Vladimir´s high professional approach to each very carefully chosen topic, invitation of very inspired speakers and building innovation community. I always meet some interesting people in his innovation workshops."

Katarína Tholtová
Innovation Manager at MONDI SCP , a.s., Ružomberok

"Thanks to the application of Vladimir´s project of innovation management in our company, we have realized dozens of innovative ideas in SOVA Digital over 2-3 years, some of them we consider as a breakthrough. Owing to our cooperation, the activity of our employees in the realm of innovation has significantly increased. Furthermore, it has resulted in employees´ satisfaction, which was for us one of the most crucial fact to observe."

Martin Morháč
General Director at SOVA DIGITAL a.s., Bratislava

"I have participated several times in innovation seminars by Vlado Svac. Each time they were very enriching and inspiring. Besides the opportunity to share the improvement ideas with the most progressive Slovak companies, Vlado as the host led us through solving individual and group creative tasks. From the creating of the innovative environment in the organization, through creative Lego games to inspiring case studies by the companies which have implemented the innovations into their everyday corporate life. I do fully recommend."

Martin Marek 

CEO & Managing Partner, BALANCED HR s.r.o., Bratislava

"It is not essential to have experts on everything under one roof in a company. However, it is indispensable to know where to find them. Therefore, seminars of Vladimír Svac were a place to meet them, to exchange experience, share problems and find solutions for them, as well. Last but not least to pluck up the motivation for every single day."

 František Harčár 

Managing Director, ANDRITZ Slovakia s.r.o., Humenné

"Your seminars were very inspirational. The most intriguing thing which has caught my attention was that you connected experience from areas which they had not been possible for me to connect. What can a banker learn from a colleague from a car factory? A lot – and that is why your seminars were different. Apart from that, they were funny, too." :-)

Martina Zrníková

Former Head of the Department card and payment product, Poštová banka a.s. Bratislava 

"As a company developing new products for automotive seating industry we always try to improve our processes, build up innovative culture and environment for our employees. Thanks Vladimir's workshops we managed to create networking with other companies, even non-automotive, and learned about their approach and shared ours. Multi industrial sharing of the experience in the field of innovativeness can bring "out of the box" ideas."

Ivan Jakubec

Engineering Director at Adient Slovakia, s.r.o., Technology Centre, Trenčín

"In these days we are swamped by information related to the topics, such as improvement or management of innovation from various media, i.e. we encounter them at work on a daily basis. It happens very often that we succumb to the illusion that we have become experts in this realm and there is nothing else new that we could learn. Then one workshop with Vladimír will change your attitude. I appreciate his professional approach to organizing workshops or seminars, the ability to stimulate reflections concerning own approaches and to find inspiration in upcoming development."

Igor Kováč

General Director at KINEX BEARINGS, a.s., Bytča

"I had a unique opportunity to be on the other side, i.e. not as a participant but as a guest of the innovation workshop of Vladimír Švač. Thus, I could share my experience with colleagues from similar companies such as Continental in Zvolen but also with people from banks and other sectors in Slovakia.  As for me, it was advantageous to refresh the theory of matters which is related to creation of innovation atmosphere in a company. At the same time we had a chance to try methodology in previously arranged situations, to establish contacts and to exchange experience, as well.  In our sector it is not feasible to work without innovations and that is the reason why we use the results from the workshop on a daily basis in the scope of activities in our departments. The innovation of a product which provides the future for our employees or innovation of processes and our working environment rank among the essential parts of the being of our company."

Rudolf Ivan

R&D Director,  Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia s.r.o., R&D Centre, Zvolen